We have built our fine reputation on creating a vast and impressive fabric collection that is second to none. 

As such, we are proud to say we have Australia’s most extensive range of exquisite fabrics and blinds, from everyday affordable offerings right through to the most exclusive and unique fabrics possible. Many of these fabrics are exclusive to Bayliss.


Furthermore, we strive to carry fabrics that have been crafted with a keen sense of respect for the environment. 

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Fabrics Manas Donatello Manas Clarice Bayliss Fabrics Manas Lus Manas Lilia Manas Rosarium Manas white sheer Manas Jill Bayliss curtain fabrics Manas Mirage Manas Grafica Cantabile Levan Ligne Addison Best of Friends Boutique Boulevard Catherine Merletto Minasheer and Soie P124 Reggie Robot Snow Taslan Sunrise, Happy Moment Together, 24 Hours Ukulele, Happy Moment Sherbet, Happy Moment Promise, Precious Moment Mahalo, Happy Moment Library, 24 Hours Gygna, 24 Hours Guapo, 24 Hours Central Park, 24 Hours Lalo, 24 Hours Harmony, Precious Moment Kilala, 24 Hours Ballet, Precious Moment Aroma, 24 Hours Sounds, Precious Moment Marcello Bertazzo, Digital Printing Marcello Bertazzo, Digital Printing Marcello Bertazzo, Digital Printing