An exclusive range to Bayliss, Artvivant is a collection of hand-woven fabrics that have been crafted to an exceptionally high level, resulting in fabrics that are completely unique and origional.

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PA-14 Silver-gray AV11-046D AV9-142B AV9-137F AV9-137G AV9-10K AV9-10A AV9-141F AV9-141H AV9-08S AV9-10M AV9-08C AV9-134F AV9-134E AV9-91C AV9-91A AV9-29D AV9-29A AV9-20B AV9-20D AV9-46A AV9-46E AV9-46D AV10-63A SA-4 Copper SA-4 Dk Copper AV9-64A AV11-075G AV11-075D A11-075K AV11-075B AV11-046B AV11-046A AV11-031A AV11-049A AV11-004B AV11-013A AV11-073B SX-2 Gray SW2 Natural NEA-1 Bleached NEA-1 Gold SL-8 Natural SL-8 Brown JO-5C JO-5D JO-4E PA-14 Light Yellow JO-4D JO-6C JO-3 Brown JO-6B PDN-1 JO-10A SY-11 Light Brown SY-11 Gold AT8-18A Form and Line Artvivant Remember Africa Artvivant Rectangular Flower Modern Architecture Feng Sui Heritage Artvivant